It's an odd find; Breakdown had brought back something from a scouting expedition with a little squad of Vehicons. It's no relic, but it's obviously Cybertronian in origin.

This becomes all too obvious when he carefully cleans off a layer of debris and finds a spark inside.

How it survived at all is anyone's guess; reconstructing a body for it will take weeks of painstaking work if it's going to look anything like the mech it used to belong to. (Getting resources for that will be nothing short of a nightmare. Good thing Lord Megatron never looks at paperwork.)

He puts the little cube on rudimentary life support, tucked away unceremoniously in a corner of medbay; he and Breakdown both check on it daily - it is, after all, still a patient.

In a morbid way, it's a good thing that they've suffered a lot of losses. There's no end of parts - grounder parts, no less, fortunate for their project - and what little he can't cobble together, he can at least swipe from storage without alerting anyone who might alert Lord Megatron about it.

Everything comes together, in the end. It's a job he can pride himself on - he'd gleaned the schematics from spark data, and recreated it almost perfectly.

He's the only one in medbay when he carries the catatonic bot onto an operating table and hooks him up to other machines, monitoring his vitals. He fiddles with the machinery, and sends a pulse of electricity intense enough to 'shock' the spark out of its resource-saving state.

"Wakey wakey," he says pleasantly, leaning over the mech. "I think you've had enough recharge to last you a lifetime."



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